Need to promote your program? There's an app for that!

Thanks to the magic of rss, it's easy to create a web app for your music program that looks great on iPhones, iPod Touches, and Android devices. Just head over to and you can put one together in minutes.

Many people don't realize that most sites offer rss feeds these days. It was very simple to grab the feeds from our flickr account, youtube, facebook, twitter, and I was even able to add our google calendar as an rss by using this handy yahoo pipe created by Marc. Just grab the iCal address for your Google or Mobile Me calendar and paste it into the pipe (don't choose a color for the calendar output, just leave that field blank). You can even include a poll in your web app.

Widgetbox has also made it possible to redirect people to your web app when they browse to your website on a mobile device. Pretty slick.

I don't know about you, but to my way of thinking we need to continue to make it easy to bring information to people rather than expecting them to visit our website. And although our site renders fine on the iPhone, this format is much more efficient. If you would like to see our music department app, follow this link on your iPhone or iPod Touch: