RhythmTapper Support

RhythmTapper helps students to physically implement a critical component of musicianship: Rhythm.

There are 10 levels. Levels 1 through 5 take students through the various combinations of quarter not subdivisions (in 4/4). Levels 6 through 10 go through a similar progression but under less lenient timing structure. So while the first five levels allow for things to be slightly "looser" in terms of student taps, the upper levels require a very exacting tap. The metronome is fixed at sixty beats per minute, and tapping is not linked to the game metronome. That is to say, if you had several students playing on different devices, you could turn on a metronome in the room at 60 bpm and everyone could utilize the same reference (don't forget to mute the iPads). Some students have even made playlists of their favorite music at 120 bpm, and this too works well as a reference, provided the songs are truly at 120.


Students should not try to hold the iPad in one had while tapping with the other. Lay the iPad on a table, desk, or music stand.

Students should use the tip of the first finger rather then the thumb.

Students should absolutely subdivide as they tap.

Google Docs instructions coming soon. Contact me if you want a head start.