Your teaching is perfect...for the results you are getting

"My teaching is perfectly designed for the learning results I'm currently getting."

Sort of makes you think about what needs to happen if you want to increase student learning, doesn't it?

Oftentimes we don't think *we* need to change anything about our teaching....students just need to pay attention and work harder.

The quote is adapted from a leadership/organizational quote by Tom Northup: "All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they’re now getting"
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This obviously means that YOU are still growing, reflecting, and concerned about the results that you are getting in your classroom. (I don't know if I phrased that correctly; I meant to focus more on the students.) If our classroom/rehearsal space is truly a "laboratory for learning" then the students will receive all that we have to offer. It may necessitate a change in focus on our part or an alteration of the delivery method. BUT, as I continue to insist, the ability to identify that one is at least pondering these issues signifies that one is not just coasting from rehearsal to rehearsal, concert to concert, year to year...
Preach it brother! Perhaps the "Road to failure is paved with good intentions" applies here? Or "No plan is a plan to fail".
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