Reading Music: News for Music Educators, May 9 2011

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Articles and blog posts from around the web that are part of my daily reading as a music educator.


* Talking About Music….  (elissamilne)

* Great Performances - Cee Lo Green Thank You Video For Volunteer Firefighters  (Thomas J. West)

* Pennsylvania GOP Plan Increases Education Funding  (Thomas J. West)

* The Anatomy Of An Effective Music Ensemble Conductor  (Thomas J. West)

* Fine arts are no fr
ill and deserve funding » Corpus Christi Caller-Times

* Great Performances - Peter Hollens And The Swingle Singers Poor Wayfaring Stranger  (Thomas J. West)

* Is It Time to Unplug Our Schools? | Lowell Monke | Orion Magazine

* Collaboration is Key for Award-Winning Student Jazz Combos | Being musical. Being human.

* Steve Jobs On Educational Leadership (Sort Of) - Teaching Music in the 21st Century

* Neuqua, Waubonsie again receive Grammys - Chicago Sun-Times

* The Cutthroat Curriculum

* Muti's retu
rn to CSO leaves hall abuzz with the excitement of old music and new

* How Muscle Memory Works and How It Affects Your Success - Lifehacker

* YouTube - mnozil brass slow motion

* White House Panel Calls for 'Reinvesting' in Arts Education - Curriculum Matters - Education Week

* Call To Action: Save The Music Education Program At Marshalltown Community College  (Thomas J. West)

* New Chapter in My Life  (Carol Broos)

* Wind Band Composer Snapshot: David Maslanka  (Kyle Freesen)

* Quote Of The 20Day: Thurman "Ask Yourself What Makes You Come Alive"  (Thomas J. West)

* Grouch: some teaching notes from the composer  (elissamilne)

* Life Lesson #12: The Love of Music  (David Ahrens)

* ARTSblog » Blog Archive » Unpicking the Equity Knot in Arts <b>Education</b>

* Grading. Does It Really Make Sense?  (Roger Whaley)

* Ten reasons why teaching the arts is critical in a 21st century world - Philadelphia, PA, United States,  ASCD EDge Blog post

* Music Students Embrace The Joy Of The Creative P
rocess  (Thomas J. West)