Reading Music: News for Music Educators, May 25, 2011

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Articles and blog posts from around the web that are part of my daily reading as a music educator.


* The Long-Term Cost Of Cuts To Arts Education  (Thomas J. West)

* Going To Work: Students Experience A Glimpse Into Professional Performing  (Thomas J. West)

* Inadequate Indoctrination (or, a practical instance demonstrating why scales matter)  (elissamilne)

* Crisis Management - What To Do When Your School Board Proposes To Cut Your 
Music Program  (Thomas J. West)

* Fundraising For Non-Profit And Scholastic Organizations Using Social Media  (Thomas J. West)

* Save Our Schools: Immediate Action Needed In Pennsylvania  (Thomas J. West)

* Quote Of The Day: Churchill "The Most Important Thing About Education Is Appetite"  (Thomas J. West)

* Helpful Resources for Horn Playing and Teaching  (Kyle Freesen)

* eXe learning  (Phil)

* The Chase Is On! Support Music Education Organizations In The Facebook Chase Community Giving  (Thomas J. West)

* Another Pennsylvania Music Ed Program In Jeopardy: McGuffey School District  (Thomas J. West)

* Quote Of The Day: Anonymous "Failure To Plan On Your Part Does Not Constitute An Emergency On My Part"  (Thomas J. West)

* Music Practice Tip: The Devil Is In The Transitions  (Thomas J. West)

* Great Performances - Paul Simon Fan Performs Duncan  (Thomas J. West)

* SoundTree Keyboard Lab Curriculum by Alfred  (Barbara Freedman)

* A Common Beginner Band Problem: Improper Articulation  (Thomas J. West)
0A* Those Who Can Teach - Those Who Cannot Pass Laws About Teaching  (Thomas J. West)

* Great Performances - Mariinsky Clarinet Club Plays Frackenpohl's Licorice Licks  (Thomas J. West)

* I'm A Band Director Group On Facebook - A Dynamic Community  (Thomas J. West)

* Wow! The National Jukebox is Amazing!

* 16 Ways to Make Yourself Unfireable - Yahoo! Finance

* Monetizing A Music Education Blog  (Thomas J. West)

* Want to Build the Home-School Connection? There's an App for That!

0Top Tips for Transcribing Music

* ODE - 2011 Best Communities for <b>Music Education</b>