Reading Music: News for Music Educators April 11, 2011

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Articles and blog posts from around the web that are part of my daily reading as a music educator.


* Great Performances - Chicago Symphony Orchestra Performs Elgar's Nimrod  (Thomas J. West)

* CMEA 11  (Barbara Freedman)

* Pennsylvania Public School Music Programs In Crisis  (Thomas J. West)

* A Symphony Returns

* Students Become Immersed in Augmented Reality Games

* Live Perf
 ormance - A Great Learning Experience For Students  (Thomas J. West)

* DSO contract approved, but pay cuts may not be enough

* Flash Mob Protests Cuts To Music Education - Las Vegas News Story ...

* What Would You Say In Your Own TED Talk?  (Thomas J. West)

* The Metropolitan Opera for iPad  (Music)

* Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 2011 Connects Us In Important New Ways  (Thomas J. West)

* Voices of the World: Virtual Choir 2.0  (Yoon)

* Can’t Make
 It to the PMEA Conference This Year? No Problem!  (dougbutchy)

* Allentown School District Cuts 250 Jobs In Support Of A New Vision  (Thomas J. West)

* Arts & Culture: American Right  (Yoon)

* Spencer's Scratch Pad: 10 Ways to Help Students Ask Better Questions

* What Comes First: Depression In Teens Or Emo Music? : Shots

* Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir will be unveiled Thursday

* They've Never Met, But 2,051 Singers Perform Together

* Nu? Is This 2nd Ave.? No, It’s
 Lincoln Center

* The 7th International Conference for Research in Music Education ...

* Wind Band Composer Snapshot: Ralph Vaughan Williams  (Kyle Freesen)

* Mr. Spacey Goes To Washington - Defending The Arts From Federal Cuts  (Thomas J. West)

* Simulating The Concert By Recording Your Ensemble  (Thomas J. West)

* A Brief Rant About No Child Left Behind  (Thomas J. West)