Get my app NoteNames+ for free in the App Store

In the mid-90s I wrote (using Apple's HyperCard) a little software application called NoteNames. I was teaching beginning band at the time and it seemed like a good way to get kids to make note-reading an afterthought. NoteNames has been available for Mac and PC since that time, and served as impetus for other sites and apps such as

Well, fast forward to today and the App Store gave me a nice Father's Day present. NoteNames+ for iPad is now available on the App Store. It's free, so you teachers out there should check it out and tell your students. It will also connect to your Google Drive and give you endless data points to demonstrate student growth. Contact me to learn how to implement that feature.

If your kids use this app, I promise you that they will be able to instantaneously be able to read the full range of their instruments, including enharmonics, major and minor key sigs, and more. Try it. NOTE: Get Google Drive instructions here.