Now that we're done behaving like Jim Rome, can we please take a stand?

~Brian Wis

For the last few days musicians around the country have been playing the internet's version of "I know you are, but what am I?" in response to Jim Rome calling marching band students "dorks." Worse, many more have taken to spewing insults that make his statements pale in comparison.

This is not helping.

As I said the other day, his behavior needs to be called to account, and it needs to stop. Behaving like him...or worse than not going to accomplish anything. Trying to convince him that band students are "cool" or "athletic" is also a waste of time. His goal (like any bully) is to belittle others, to establish a pecking order. He has no interest in being educated, convinced or enlightened.

So what do we do?

First of all, say something to his boss, @CBSSports and utilize the hashtag #MarchOnRome or #romeisburning. CBS is the only entity that can make a lasting impact on his behavior. Jim Rome is paid to analyze and make commentary on collegiate and professional sports. He has no business demeaning musicians. CBS is not pleased with his behavior (notice his picture has been removed from their banner on Twitter) but they are not going to take real action unless sufficient pressure is applied.

Secondly, spread the word. Instead of hurling insults at Rome, let others know what he did. This is far more effective. Post one of the many recent articles to your Facebook wall. Let your friends and relatives know the real Jim Rome.

Finally, a word to those who have been saying "just ignore him, it just increases his celebrity." With all due respect to those who taught you this approach as a kid, this is not the time to ignore Jim Rome. Letting others know what he has done does not bring him more notoriety and fame, it reveals his true character, and that is both necessary and fully deserved. Ignoring what he did will not change his behavior. He was ignored in 2009, and we see where that got us:

You know where I come out on marching bands! The only people who like them are the people who are in them. And maybe their parents who “jammed their clarinets in their face” in the first place! But that’s not what the American College of Sports Medicine thinks…

According to their research, the “dorks” with the oboes and feathery plumes on their lids are working just as hard as the guys with facemasks and shoulder pads. Exercise physiologist Gary Granata says the performers are “…running around the field at very high velocities with heavy instruments while playing very difficult passages. At the top levels of marching band and drum corps, you get a level of competition and athleticism that is equal to a Division I athletic program.” Division I, what?! Backgammon?!

Jim Rome is out of line again, and his behavior needs to stop. Take a stand. 


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Hey Brian, not sure if you saw Bill Maher's quip about this on his show...essentially saying how ridiculous it was that Rome had to issue an apology and how his statement wasn't necessarily wrong. This, after Maher, in a previous segment, had touted himself a champion for underdogs and those who have been bullied. Interesting...
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